The Burnhams Surgery

The Burnhams Surgery

Drs Gorrod, Brudenell, Caswell and Ince

Practice Manager: Mrs Tania Goodliffe

Church Walk
Burnham Market
Norfolk, PE31 8DH
Reception: 01328 737000
Dispensary: 01328 737002
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NHS Prescription Charges

NHS Prescription Charge is £8.20 for each medicine or appliance*

Prescriptions are free for a patient who is:

under 16
aged 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education
60 years of age or over
named on a current HC2 charges certificate
named on a Working Tax Credit NHS Exemption Certificate
named on a Child Tax Credit NHS Exemption Certificate

Prescriptions are free for a patient who has:

a current maternity exemption certificate
a current medical exemption certificate
a current prescription prepayment certificate**
a war pension exemption certificate
a Tax Credit Exemption Certificate
been prescribed free-of-charge contraceptives



Prescriptions are free for a patient who receives:

Income Support
Income-based Job-seeker's Allowance
Minimum Income Guarantee and Pension Credit guarantee credit


** A Current Prescription Prepayment Certificate costs £29.10 for 3 months and £104 for 12 months. Ask for a Form FP95. It is possible to pay by direct debit. Please enquire with dispensary.

* Appliance: Some items have more than one charge. Ask your dispenser to explain. Compression hosiery is charged at £14.80 for a pair of anklets, kneecaps or stockings. Single items are charged at £8.05

The Prescription Charge is a contribution to the NHS.
It is not a payment to the Practice and it bears no relationship to the cost of the medicine.


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